Forgiveness Meditation

by Mary Kullman

Beginning with forgiveness of others, after you have settled in to calmness and concentration, you might say: “There are many ways that I have hurt and harmed others, have betrayed or abandoned them, caused them suffering knowingly or unknowingly, out or my pain, fear, anger and confusion.”  Then let yourself envision or imagine this, and become aware of your feelings—sorrow, regret.  Picture each person and to each one repeat: “In the ways I have hurt you out of my fear, pain, anger and confusion, I ask your forgiveness, may I be forgiven, I ask your forgiveness.”

Offering forgiveness for yourself is similar. You might say: “Just as I have harmed others, there are many ways in which I have hurt and harmed myself. I have betrayed or abandoned myself many times in thought, word or deed, knowingly and unknowingly.”  Then just as before, see, feel the ways you have hurt yourself. Feel the sorrow so you can release the burden. Repeat to yourself: “For the ways I have hurt myself thru action or inaction, out of fear, pain and confusion, I now extend a full and heartfelt forgiveness.”

Also, there are times it is necessary to offer forgiveness to those who have hurt or harmed you. Reflect on this: “There are many ways that I have been harmed by others, betrayed, abused or abandoned, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or deed.”  Let yourself picture, remember these times.  Feel how you have carried this burden. See if you can release this by extending forgiveness whenever you heart is ready. Then you can repeat: “I now remember the one or many of the ways others have hurt of harmed me, wounded me out of their fear, pain, confusion and anger. I have carried this pain in my heart too long, To the extent that I am ready I offer you forgiveness. To those who have caused me harm, I offer forgiveness. I forgive you.”


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