Video Dharma Talks

The following videos are of Dharma talks presented at Present Moment Sangha meetings. Additional videos will be added regularly.

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Not Enough Time – with Tara Brach

The more stressed we are, the more likely it is that we’ll mistake the needs of someone we care about for “an interruption. For Tara’s full talk, go to:…

“Rain” – Working with Difficult Emotions – Tara Brach

This guided practice applies mindfulness and self-compassion to challenging emotions. It is based on the acronym RAIN, and provides a four step practice that is accessible and effective, even at those times when mindfulness is most difficult to remember. Audio of full talk:…

What Your Practice Grows Stronger – Tara Brach

We may be very “loyal” to habits of anxiety and vigilance that evolved to ensure survival, but now exceed what’s needed and prevent us from enjoying life. We can undo this negativity bias by intentionally calling on more recently evolved parts of the brain and orienting in another direction. For Tara’s full talk, go to:…

Working With Thought & Emotion – Joesph Goldstein

“The truth of suffering is to be realized. The truth of the cause of the suffering is to be understood. The true of the end of the suffering is to be experienced. And the way to the end is to be walked by each one. The Buddha´s enlightenment solved his problem, it did not solve ours, except to point out the way. There is no magic formula which will release us from suffering. Each of us has to purify our own mind, for it is the attachment in our minds that keeps us bound. “ – The Experience of Insight – Joseph Goldstein

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